"Clergy are so focused on the hereafter, but we should know more about planning for life after work."

-Rev. Dr. Bert White, a retired Methodist clergyman and lecturer at Boston University


The Association of Clergy & Ministry Leaders, Inc. is an interfaith non profit organization specifically designed to support the well-being, livelihood, and community efforts of clergy, their key supporting staff, and their families by providing essential benefits and resources to ensure that they, their families, and their hard work are safeguarded for the future.  Driven by a passion for ministry and a heart for those who sacrifice their lives in the service of others, the need for such a place of advocacy and support became very evident to us. Our beliefs, our convictions, our faith all play key roles in the foundation of our society, and is evidenced especially in times of crisis and uncertainty both personal and global.  Our resiliance in these circumstances is often a testament to the work of these facilitators of social justice and community empowerment who point us upward and onward, inspiring us, reminding us that life is more than it seems. Who do they turn to in times of need?  Who will advocate for them, support them, their ministry efforts, their families?  This is the mission of The Association of Clergy & Ministry Leaders, Inc. and we are dedicated to this cause.


PARTNERSHIP  In collaboration with Martin & Murray Wealth Solutions, LLC, its partners, and affiliates, Ameritas Life Insurance Corp., Zamar Consulting, LLC, along with an ever-growing network of professionals from areas of law and business to wellness, leisure, and stress management, CML offers a broad spectrum of valuable benefits exclusively designed to support the well-being, livelihood, and community efforts of clergy, their key staff, and their families.  We are always looking for partnering opportunities to further our cause and expand our reach.

ADVOCACY  CML seeks to raise awareness of the importance of faith in our culture, and promote the value of interconnectedness in our efforts to support clergy and ministry leaders in our communities. We endeavor to ensure that they have the resources necessary to support themselves and their families especially after their years of service.  Whether the need is groceries or a stipend that will help to defray the cost prescriptions, or the cost of living, to providing direct access to emotional support to cope with the stressful demands of ministry, CML advocates for the dignity of the under-served active, and retired clergymen and women in our respective communities who struggle to make ends meet after they have dedicated their lives in the service of others.

COMMITMENT  CML is committed to the causes of Clergy and Ministry Leadership and their preparedness for the ensuing demands of their vocation in these challenging times. We are committed to providing relevant resources through an ever-growing network of professionals, and specialists in areas most pertinent to the needs and missions of its members through training programs, workshops, and seminars.

NETWORKING  CML is an interfaith networking organization which provides an opportunity to cross the boundaries of denomination and persuasion for the good of one another and the community. We are a brotherhood and sisterhood of like-minded individuals who believe in the power of unified collaboration.  We promote the sharing of ideas, resources, and insights on how interfaith cooperation can prove beneficial to the support and strengthening of our society.