The Association seeks to undergird your mission in the facilitation of growth and protection of your ministry and its outreach efforts in the community.  These exclusive benefits, which can be packaged as a customized Contigency Plan, are critical to the longevity of your vision and can even be utilized as a vehicle to fund aspects of your vision that may not readily realized. 



Key Person Protection*

Protect your organization from financial hardship that may result from the loss of a key person due to death or disability. The organization can use the benefits to hire a temporary replacement should the disabled employee's disability appear to be short-term. In the case of permanent disability, benefits are used to help defray costs related to hiring a replacement, including recruitment, training, start up, loss in revenue and unfunded salary continuation costs.



Mortgage Burning/Early Payoff Plans

How would you like to be able to project the fulfillment of the building fund?  Set a payoff date or a mortgage burning goal and increase your chances of its realization! These plans can help maximize the contributions to your vision and help to drive your goal to fruition!   



Business Overhead Expense Plans

Reimburses your organization for overhead expenses should a key leader experience a disability. Eligible benefits include: rent or mortgage payments, utilities, leasing costs, laundry/maintenance, accounting/billing and collection service fees, business insurance premiums, employee salaries, employee benefits, property tax, and other regular monthly expenses.



Property & Liability

House of Worship Plans are specifically designed to protect you, your property, and your congregation.  For clergy, this coverage can extend to both personal property and liability protection in the event of damages, loss, or the threat of either.



Tax & Clergy Law

Concerned about maximizing and or maintaining your 501(c)3 status?  Need to know whether or not you are maximizing your tax benefits, deductions, housing allowance?  Expert legal and accounting consultation for clergy and ministry leadership is yours!   Whether its business or personal, take advantage of all that your vocation entitles you to! 



Funeral Expense Plans*

Many Houses of Worship are left with the burden of funeral costs for those parishioners who pass without adequate funds to preserve their dignity and that of their families. These plans can defray the cost of final expenses and also be utilized as a tax free charitable donation to the institution or a partial benefit to the familes of the deceased.  



*Most popular amongst CML Members!