What better way to show your appreciation and support for your religious leader than by helping to ensure that they will have the resources they need to enjoy life during and after their work. Whether together with friends and family, as a trustee board, or as an individual, you can choose a plan that will make their lives and work much more fulfilling!



We are always looking for opportunities to partner with businesses and professionals who share our dedication to providing a full line of services and resources to meet the unique needs of clergy, ministry leaders, and their congregations. CML may provide a mutually beneficial opportunity for your business, practice, or service. Tell us about what you do!  We would love to know!




We believe that advocating for the livelihood, well-being, and community efforts of clergy and ministry leaders is a worthy cause. Clergy have a multiplier effect with their voice and influence reaching audiences farther and deeper than any other. This provides countless opportunities for our supportors through advertising, onsite visibility, and networking.  Your corporate sponsorship will also enrich our philanthrophic efforts!  Believe in our cause? Join us!  




Through your generous donations we can help the countless retired clergymen and women in your communities live a little easier.  Many are struggling to make ends meet.  Whether its buying groceries, or gifting a supplemental stipend, your heartfelt gifts will help to change their lives for the better. Like to leave a sizable donation, perhaps in the family name or loved one, contact us about our Charitable Donation Plans, which can make your wishes possible upon your death, and provide current tax benefits for you today!  Thank you so much for your generous support of those who have dedicated their lives in the service of faith and community!​