"The word Music is derived from the word "muse" meaning to make happy...It's an emotional art form."
-Randall A. Jenkins, CEO of Zamar Consulting, LLC.

Is the music and arts ministry in line with your vision?  How could strengthening this ministry help grow your ministry?


Another one of the many benefits of being apart of The Association is direct access to much needed resources and services to help articulate your vision, grow the local assembly, and enhance the overall worship experiance. 


Featured above is Expert Music and Arts Consultation Firm - Randall Jenkins, Zamar Consulting, LLC


Zamar Consulting aids religious organizations in bridging the gap between ministry leaders and musicians through workshops, training programs, and seminars to enhance performance, communication, and ministry focus.


Also featured through The Association is The Dilligent Hands Music Program.


This unique music therapy program takes an unconventional approach to fostering communication for those who suffer from a disability and or the impairments as a result. Through clinical therapeutic intervention the specific needs of the individual(s) whether physical, cognitive, social, and/or emotional are acknowledged and addressed using the power of music to bypass the limitations that traditional means of communication may present.


"As ministers in music the first objective is to give glory to God with the talents that were given from Him. The second goal is to meet the needs of the people via music. Theorist Carl Rogers, would call this therapeutic approach 'client-centered therapy'. This therapeutic approach when used correctly and consistently essentially benefits people by focusing solely on the need(s) of that person and not self. People's emotional, and spiritual needs are met every time, causing people to leave feeling rejuvenated, refreshed, and encouraged. Understanding this therapeutic approach is beneficial to musicians worldwide. By gaining this knowledge and understanding, musicians will be more marketable and reputable to various churches, coinciding with the vision of the leader for the church and the community." 


-Donald L. Stevens II, MA

Director, Diligent Hands Music Program