About the President

The catastrophic illness of his mother, a single parent who served as a nurse and an evangelist in prison ministry for years; and his Pastor, Dr. Eloise L. Young, who served the community for over 47 years would be the life altering events that would reveal a problem that has been long overlooked. Devastated and completely unprepared, his family scrambled to pick up the pieces, in a desperate attempt to cope, liquidating their assets to preserve the dignity and legacy of the one who gave so much. The ministry would find itself in a similar situation with the sudden illness of its leader and the future of the mission in the balance. Shortly after these personal events more stories of the dark side of ministry would come to light and confirm that such low incidences of intentional preparendness, contingency planning, and advocacy for those who serve others through faith extended beyond his own personal tragedy. His heart was broken and one story in particular from one of his valued clients would catalyze the founding of CML.


"One of my clients, recounted a close friend who at his own retirement celebration from pastoral ministry was found in a corner in tears, flooded with fear at the realization that he had nothing to show for his decades of labor. He was afraid to retire. Afraid of not being able to support his family. Afraid of being forgotten..." 


"How could this be the way the story ends? Retiring with little to look forward to in their Golden Years? Their dignity threatened? The future and legacy of their ministries in disarray? Their families struggling to get by after years of serving the needs of others?"


An Ordained Minister for over 15 years, Associate Pastor, Licensed Benefits Specialist, with a background and formal training in Physical Therapy, he is also a husband and father of two. His passion for helping others through his extensive knowledge and personal experiences have made him a leader in raising the awareness of the need to support and advocate for those who sacrifice for the benefit of faith and community. With clients from the corporate sector and small business, to nonprofit organizations, to everyday families, his greatest reward is helping those who serve others through faith enjoy the fruit of their labors while preserving their dignity and legacy along the way. 


"Faith is one of the greatest motivators of change in our society yet many of those who lead the charge are left with nothing to look forward to in the end. In many cases, their families are left trying to salvage the pieces of a life lived for others. It's about time people know the truth, that the majority of ministry leaders, regardless of persuassion, are trapped under the stigma perpetuated by one percent of the clergy population as a whole. If I can raise the awareness and help them preserve their dignity while preventing them from experiencing what we experienced as a family and a ministry, then my contribution to society would be well worth it. Clergy matter."


- John P. Martin