Randall Jenkins - Executive Partner/Music & Arts / Zamar Consulting


Randy graduated high school in 1997 and went on to SUNY Purchase College. While attending SUNY Purchase, he developed razor sharp skills and an intense understanding of the power of music. His growth was exponential. Since his time there, Randy has worked with numerous artists and producers reknown in both the gospel and secular music industries.  He has done albums, commercials, television cues, and film scores.  Some artists to note, Donald Lawrence, The Clark Sisters, Bishop Michelle White-Haynes, and Milton Vann, to name a few.  He is also the music director for the play "Nativity, Birth of a King" which appears in Manhattan every Christmas season.


Randy has had extensive experience with musicians and pastors. Seeing the plight of both, and understanding both facets of ministry, God has used him to help bridge the gap between pastor and musician.  He does this through the medium of Zamar Consulting where he is the Founder and CEO. 


He is married to Deirdre Jenkins and is the father of two beautiful little girls. Alexa Grace and Hope Arianna. He also serves as an Elder and the head of Music, Media and Worship Arts at the Tabernacle of Prayer where his music mentor, Daryl L. Young is now the pastor. 


The Lord told Randy his musical ability would be instumental in attracting those who He wanted to reach beyond the music.  Simply put He said, "I'm going to use the music to reach the man".  As Executive Partner with CML, Randy serves as Director of the Music and Arts Division and also plays a pivital role in business strategy and facilitation. 



Donald Stevens II - Strategic Partnership / Diligent Hands Program

Donald is an accomplished Music Therapist serving over 200 children and adults with special needs. He received his Masters degree from New York University and has always been business driven. At an early age Donald worked with his father in his mobile auto detailing company. He was fortunate to watch his father shake hands and become friends with various high net-worth clientele. At the age of 17 he managed one of many cooperate buildings for his father’s mobile auto detailing company “A Better Wash”, making sure that all the clients were satisfied with their car.  While working closely with his father realized that businesses are the vehicle that keeps the society as we know it, alive.


Donald is now the Co-Owner of “A Better Wash” and has been taking giant steps to partner with large companies to expand the business his father started. Some of his affiliations include: Trump Towers, The Ritz Carlton, Reckson, RPW Group, and New York Power Authority.

As a part of CML Donald’s role as head of strategic partnerships is to make every effort to support new businesses, and partner with existing ones for the mutual benefit of their businesses and the members of CML. 



Wilda Jane Martin - Senior Marketing & Travel Consultant / The System PR

Wilda Jane is an accomplished event planner/international travel agent and Founder of ‘The System Marketing & Consulting Group, LLC./Senior Travel Consultant at CML.


Wilda’s gifts of organization, attention to detail, creative imagination, concept designs and contagious enthusiasm has earned her a reputation for unparalleled excellence as an event planner and travel agent.  As a Senior Licensed Travel Consultant for CML, Wilda will execute your concepts flawlessly while maintaining a pleasant, calm and helpful demeanor to ensure an amazing experience for you and your guests.  Having worked alongside Pastors she understands how imperative is to provide and make exclusive accommodations for ministry leaders who simply don’t have the time to prepare for leisure.


With CML Wilda Martin will help Clergy & Ministry Leaders understand and desire to take opportunities to travel the World and to observe and visit different locations that will meet their ministry needs as well. Servicing conventions, vocational seminars, and retreats that are needed to promote and effectively enhance the ministry. CML travel is here to work for their clients, providing services for groups, families, couples, etc., by creative and customized vacation packages that suites their particular interests and tastes. This includes arranging their accommodations, extra amenities, special services, dining options, and planned excursions.  Wilda Martin is dedicated to helping people plan vacations of a lifetime and endeavors to provide memorable experiences with hotels, cruises and getaways beyond expectations.  “When you join CML, you join a family that cares about leadership and how we can assist in making our leaders of today, tomorrow and the future live a long productive, successful and enjoyable life of purpose.”



Eugenia M. Buie - Executive Administrator / OMG Ministries


Ms. Eugenia M. Buie is a member of the clergy and a licensed Elder; serving, diligently as an Executive Administrator in ministry at her local church and in The Association of Clergy & Ministry Leaders.  She operates in the role of support to CEO and executive board members and as primary point of contact of internal and external constituencies on all matters concerning CML. Aligning with the Chief Executive, Reverend John Martin she manages, prepares and plans meetings, conferences and conference calls. Most importantly, Ms. Buie desires to maintain her posture of support, and believes in the importance of the care of ministry leaders.  Serving under leaders who she has seen fluctuate in health she fully believes in the investment, and promotes that everyone takes the time to not only pray for their wellbeing but invest in it.  


“When you have a great leader--One who sacrifices their time from their family and for the community, your desire and passion for their longevity becomes a priority and a necessity.”



Michael A. Oliver - Senior Partner/Property & Casualty Specialist

Mr. Anthony Oliver is the Senior Pastor of Upper Room Ministries located in Beacon, NY.  He graduated from Beacon High School and attended Westchester Community College in Valhalla, NY & Marist College in Poughkeepsie, NY.  He's currently employed at State Farm Insurance in Hyde Park, NY where he is the Office Manager. He is also a certified Chaplain with the state of New York. 


Reverend Oliver brings decades of ministerial and professional experience to CML and his expertise in property, casualty, and liability have merited him hundreds of clients from ministries to businesses who depend on his services.